unlimit3d - Digital media

We are a creative studio producing 3D animation films, simulations, television and other advertisements, promotional spots, animated videos, 3D visualizations of buildings, virtual animations and animated viewings of interiors and exteriors, game demos and presentations introductions.

What we are offering:

3D Scenes & Illustrations- Complete creation of CG art including design, 3D modeling, texturing and high resolution rendering.
Characters, creatures, vehicles, props and environments for print, advertising, mattes and other related areas.

Visualization of vehicles, interiors, industrial products and architectural visualization. (V-ray)

Rigging/Animation Character animation and CG created visual effects for integration with existing footage.
Simulation of dynamics effects

Video-games: Creation of low poly 3D characters, environments and objects as well as imagery for computer and video games.
We are interested in producing environments and assets at game quality taking into account, polygon count and texture space to produce work that is suitable for game engines.